Red Light Rauschenberg

by Lonnie Lardner on August 31, 2014

Truck back JK 4tlr

(Pic #1) Grab shot on Olympic and Bundy, Los Angeles

Let traffic serve as your muse

Next time you’re stuck in one of our city’s nightmarish jams, take advantage of the unplanned stop. The wait at the stubborn red light just might provide an opportunity for a grab shot worth keeping. I’ve always  been a fan of Rauschenberg’s “combine paintings,” and lately I keep seeing quirky versions of them right through my windshield. From tractor trailers to local pool guy trucks, I always find exciting shapes, lines and textures. They make fantastic photographic compositions (Pic #1) — with little or no planning.

Graffiti wall west side jk. 4tlr jpg

(Pic #2) Grab shot in downtown Santa Barbara

The stoplight strategy works for sweet architectural encounters too. (Pics #2, 3, 4)  All of these were  shot out the window on the way to or in Santa Barbara while waiting for the light to change. Today’s sprawling urban landscape just begs to be captured – and you don’t need extravagant light kits or 10-thousand dollar lenses — just a willingness to conquer the congestion with a fresh look at exactly what’s in front of you.

Blu wall west side JK 4tlr

(Pic #3) Santa Barbara second story. Photo by Josh Kaplan

Green washed  wall JK 4tlr

(Pic #4) Subtle wall wash, Malibu, Cali.  Photo by Josh Kaplan

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