Today’s Pic: Chaos Can Be A Beautiful Thing

by Lonnie Lardner on July 31, 2014

SD truck junk 4tlr -3 copy

(Pic #1): Treasure on a Truck

On a recent excursion from Los Angeles to San Diego, I drove by what appeared to be a chaotic payload of pure junk. But after closer examination, it turned out to be a very sweet visual treat. I begged my husband to slow down so I could grab the iPhone and shoot the fleeting work of art. (Pic #1)

I’ll never know who the driver was, but I applaud his ingenuity and sense of order. It appears he mathematically calculated a space for everything – thereby creating his own pure act of “organized chaos.”

pollock number 8. 1949 oil, enamel jpg

(Pic #2): “Number 8″ oil and enamel on canvas by Jackson Pollock

Chaos on Canvas:

In fine art, especially in emotional abstract expressionism, successful disorder is often considered a “happy accident.”

Jackson Pollock embraced this kind of spontaneity in his work. He is best known for the paintings that look more like haphazard splatters than literal representations of everyday life.

One of Pollock’s contemporaries, Willem de Kooning believed that Pollock brought chaos to the world of painting “so that a new painting could be born out of the chaos he created.”

I can’t imagine my southbound trucker had the same intention, but at least I get to showcase his unintentional, anonymous work of art on the worldwide web.


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