Today’s Pic: The Art of Reflection

by Lonnie Lardner on June 30, 2014

Reflection in a spoon - close up photo-2.4tlrjpg

(Pic #1) A “silver spoon moment” at Le Pain Quotidien, Calabasas, California

Tune out the noise, and discover a beautiful thing

I was sitting in an extraordinarily loud section of a trendy Calabasas restaurant when I got cranky. Screaming kids, disinterested servers, and they had just closed out the breakfast menu which I had come in for. I felt a bit like the Princess and the Pea, and had to talk myself out of leaving.

Cropped Mondrian 4tlr

(Pic #2) “Composition in Red, Blue and Yellow” (1937-42) by Piet Mondrian

Then, this wondrous thing happened: I glanced down to a table setting that would save my day. Right there, shining brightly and in primary colors, I spotted a miniature masterpiece in the reflection of my silver spoon. (Pic #1) It was lovely. It sucked the frustration right out of my bones.  A mini-Mondrian right there at my lunch table. (Pic #2) It made me smile, and a giddiness replaced my hotheadedness. I even showed it to my waitress. Yeah, I think she thought it was lame, but I didn’t care.

In my creativity workshops, I preach the benefits of letting moments like this happen – especially during the days we feel uncreative or stuck. Just taking the time to really “look” around us can unearth the most glorious treasures. So when it gets loud, uncomfortable, or unpleasant, just know you could be a glance away from a very sweet visual gift.  Art is in fact everywhere.



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