Today’s Pic: Discovering Nature’s Stunning Art Show

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(Pic #1) Praying Mantis captured by Amy Eyrie in Calabasas, California

It’s never about “looking” for the moment — it’s about being receptive to it.

My yoga teacher Amy Eyrie has walked past this iron gate hundreds of times. She passes it every time she teaches a class at our gym. On this day, she noticed something different, and decided to grab her iPhone. She stopped to take the obligatory wide shot to document the occasion, and then realized there was something else going on: Art in the making.

Closing in, Amy saw the two planes of color (left: violet, and right: dusty rose) showcasing the delicate beauty of this insect’s willowy limbs. She zoomed in, and captured this “painting” with perfect composition and line. The color was not altered here. And it may not be coincidence that the mantis’s underbelly matched the deep purple of the gate. It’s the perfect alignment of timing, light, and photographer’s instinct.

I sort of think nature wants us to discover her creative moments. It’s how she can connect with us and earn our respect. We just have to be kind enough to notice.

Today’s Pic: The Hidden Art of Renovation

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(Pic #1) Cement floor with spray paint guides for electricians and engineers. Midtown Manhattan corporate renovation project.

If you look closely, way cool images just emerge from the floor.

I’m pretty sure the temperature reached close to 8000 degrees in New York this week. The sweat poured off my brow, and my hair stuck stubbornly to my neck. I hated life. Then, on a tour of a construction site in a skyscraper I’ll be working on in midtown Manhattan, I looked down and found reason to smile.

Spray painted markings used to communicate placement of electrical wiring and other conduits that keep a corporate machine on the grid. They could have been rough sketches for a Hieronymus Bosch painting, some secret codes from a tech convention, or a faraway glimpse into the cosmos.

Floor 18 cropped tf copy

In any case, these images were just waiting to be found; I’m glad they found me. Because suddenly, the brutal heat gave me a break, and I got inspired from the simple act of observation.

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